Flexible Study Options

Our courses are delivered entirely online via recorded lectures,

interactive assessments and downloadable course notes.

Learn at your own pace and in your own time. 


To keep up with a changing and growing industry, learning is a constant requirement. We understand that full-time formal learning whilst working is not possible for many. Our mission is to provide high-quality learning through easy-to-use digital methods. 

Tools designed for online learning

Once you have enrolled on an Innoskills module, you will receive a login to our learning system on Moodle. Moodle is used by many of the world's top Universities to support remote and digital learning. It is simple to use and easy to follow. 

High quality interactive video learning 

Our video learning modules are clear and easy to follow, allowing students to pause or go back when required. Once video modules have been completed, an interactive assessment video tests knowledge to the required passing grade, before an Innoskills certificate is awarded.

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Online assessments

Once you have finished a module, you will take a short online assessment. Passing the assessment will provide you with your Innoskills certification. You can complete as many modules as you need, each providing a certificate.

Online Assessments

Create a learning profile 

Once you have enrolled on an Innoskills module you will create a learning account. This allows you to login to your own or your teams' Innoskills learning material at any time and lets you check your progress as you go. 

You can progress one module at a time, or enrol on one of our courses to give you a full set of modules aimed at your experience level. Your learner profile will keep track of your progress at a pace you are comfortable with. 

Learning profile

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