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Here you will find a selection of research conducted by students who have taken part in one of our many courses. The research is divided up into tree sections: pharmaceutical, medical devices, or food. Please click learn more below to navigate to each page.



Coming soon! Here we will display some of the research undertaken in conjunction with Innopharma during our Food Industry courses.

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Here you can find some of the research conducted around Pharmaceuticals. Some of these topics include: pharmacovigilance, A.D.R.s, and more.

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Medical Devices

Here you can find some of the research that has been conducted during one of the courses we offer around Medical Device Technology.

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Featured Research

"Challenges impacting the reporting of Adverse Drug Reactions among healthcare professionals: Improving pharmacovigilance in Nigeria." by Dr. Prosper Chibuikem Anaedu

An ADR is a drug response that is unintended and occurs at doses normally used in man for prophylaxis, therapy or the modification of physiological function. ADR reporting is critical in improving pharmacovigilance in Nigeria. This oversees the activities that relates to the knowledge, detection, assessment and prevention of adverse events or any drug-related issue. This research was undertaken with the purpose of identifying and exploring the challenges faced by healthcare professionals in spontaneously reporting ADRs, with the aim of improving reporting rates, promoting drug safety practices and reducing the burden of ADRs in Nigeria. Issues emanating from ADRs are highly critical because of the drug misinformation, misuse, advanced age-related physiological, biological, pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic changes observed. When patients suffer from ADRs, it is challenging to determine how severe the outcomes are, even when the prescribed drug benefits clearly outweigh the risks.. 

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"An Analysis of The Use of Wearable Technology as A Means of Controlling Drug Delivery Systems and The Challenges Facing Its Usage in Ireland" by Bolatito Temitayo Adewumi

This research is based on using wearable devices in controlled drug delivery and the challenges involved in the design, manufacturing, and sales of the devices. It is only focused on controlled drug delivery systems and does not include its use in other forms of drug delivery. It is aimed at determining the challenges affecting the use of this technology in Ireland by discussing with experts the pharmaceutical and medical devices industry. It will examine how the public and potential customers perceive such creation and how it will be potentially received in the market.. 

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Meet Our Team!

Finbarr Sheehy

Finbarr Sheehy

Finbarr has over 25 years of experience at senior levels within the Semiconductor and Pharmaceutical industries. He was director of continuous improvement & training with Wyeth, Newbridge, Co. Kildare, Ireland. Prior to Wyeth, he was skills training manager, with Intel Ireland, Co. Kildare. He also held the position of test development engineer with Analog Devices Incorporated, Limerick. In 2008 he established and currently works with businesses across several sectors (including Pharma) in Ireland to drive business improvements.

Finbarr holds a BEng in Electronic Engineering and a Masters in Education from the University of Sheffield. His expertise is in the following areas; strategy development, process improvement, creativity & innovation, lean thinking, six sigma, process measurement, training design & delivery, competency assessment, change management and neuro linguistic programming.



Prosper Anaedu

Prosper is experienced at bridging the gaps at the intersection of Pharma/Bio-pharma, Research and Healthcare. With background as Doctor of Medicine (MD), he completed an MSc in Pharmaceutical Business and Technology where he graduated top of the class with 1st class honours. His competencies include drug and patient safety, process analytical technology/digitisation, clinical research management, pharmaceutical production and quality systems.
As Post Graduate Research Coordinator at Innopharma, he manages the overall postgraduate research strategy at Griffith College and coordinates support for learners through the design and delivery of content across established areas of research, including proposal and dissertation guidance. He doubles as International student liaison and primary point of contact for international student queries. 

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