Knowledge to Grow Pharma Careers  

The world's Pharmaceutical industries continue to grow and expand, with CEOs reporting an increasing need for people with high-tech skills. 


Whether you are in established Pharmaceutical hubs like Ireland, Germany, Switzerland and USA, or new and growing industries in China, South Africa, India, Kenya or Sri-Lanka, up-to-date skills are essential for a successful career. 

The Innopharma Way 

Innopharma's knowledge model is uniquely based on a blend of academic rigour and industry-focused pragmatism. We're proud to deliver learning that ensures our students can hit the ground running when they enter the industry. Over 2,000 of our graduates already work in Ireland's impressive Pharmaceutical industry.

We call it 'The Innopharma Way'. 

Skills shortage table

Future-focused knowledge 

Our courses and modules are grounded in what the industry is asking for across a range of specialist areas and role types. Whether your ambition is to go into Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, Engineering or Management, our learning will bring you up to date. 

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