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Since 2010, Innopharma Education has developed certified University level education and training programmes grounded in the pharmaceutical and medical device industries. We were the first providers of up-skilling courses for the Pharmaceutical and Medical Device sectors in Ireland, where 9 of the world's top 10 Pharma companies have a major manufacturing presence. 

What is Innoskills? 

Innoskills is Innopharma's online only resource for industry-led knowledge for the pharma industry. It takes lecture and course material from our Innopharma Education classroom materials and makes them available for students who wish to get Pharma and Medical Device industry-specific knowledge that will progress their careers. Find out more about Innopharma Education in Ireland. 

Online learning to suit modern knowledge needs 

Innopharma's approach is to combine academic rigour with industry grounded best practice. As the Pharmaceutical industry, like most major industries, rely increasingly on technology and data approaches in their processes, our courses and modules have been devised to provide knowledge in these specialist areas such as Process Analytical Technology and Validation. 

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What qualifications do Innoskills courses provide? 

Innoskills learning material is derived from Innopharma Education's university level courses which are fully certified by Quality and Qualifications Ireland (QQI), which is the state body responsible for the quality control and accountability of all Irish education and training material.  When you have successfully completed a module or course, and upon completion of an online assessment, you will receive an Innoskills Academy certification of completion. 

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Grounded in current Industry needs 

Innopharma Education are led by our very strong relationships with industry. Many of the team work or have worked in the pharma industry with roles including manufacturing, regulation, supply chain, engineering, business improvement and process development.

We regularly consult with global industry leaders in the design of new programmes. We discuss  with the any new technologies that are coming down the line to ensure our teaching and knowledge are grounded in where the industry will be going next.

Our Innopharma Technology R&D arm also helps to define the content for future programmes. We also are in contact with the Irish Pharma Regulatory Authority (HPRA) to discuss future regulatory trends, as well as members of HPRA providing guest lectures on our programmes. 

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