Government funded learning 

Skills are a pathway to employability and prosperity. With increased demands on the World's pharma and med device industries in the coming years, skills for these industries will always be in demand. 


Innopharma Education has a proven track record of both the Irish Government and EU funded learning and education programmes for Pharmaceutical and Medical Device specialist industries. We believe that the best programmes combine academic rigour with industry grounded best-practice. 

Engaging with government education and training programmes.

High-tech sectors such as biopharma and med-tech are key drivers of economic growth and productivity, and generally, provide high value-added and well-paid employment.  

In 2015 33.9 million people in the EU were employed in the manufacturing sector. And yet a skills gap is evident, as a 2017 survey of biopharma CEOs indicated that they were concerned about the availability of key skills as a threat to their organisation's growth prospects.  

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"I believe the initiative adopted by Innopharma has been phenomenal in terms of helping people get back to work. The programme content is an excellent match for both candidates and employers”.

Sandra Mooney
Programme Director
Ireland West;

An Irish success story

Since 2010, Innopharma has developed programmes for the (Bio) Pharmaceutical, MedTech and Food Sectors. As first providers in Ireland of industry-led up-skilling course through a Labour Market Activate fund, they successfully transitioned 100 unemployed engineers and scientists during an economic downturn to transition into professional roles within the Pharma/MedTech Sectors over a six month period. This success was repeated annually since 2010, securing nearly €25m in Government funding which has delivered over 3,500 skilled personnel into high-end manufacturing.

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