Introduction to Pharma Utilities, Facilities, HVACs and Cleanrooms

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    This module examines the importance of maintaining a safe and fully operational environment within manufacturing areas: Pharma Utilities, Facilities, HVACs and Cleanrooms.  The online learning environment is designed to be educational, engaging, and above all, simple to use.  A short assessment follows this module.

    Learning Outcomes: 
    - Know the factors that affect facilities management, equipment and processes as applied in the pharmaceutical industry.
    - Understand the layout of a typical pharmaceutical site.
    - Roles and disciplines within facilities management.
    - Deep understanding of HVAC systems; how they work, their components and how important they are to the proficient maintenance of quality and maintaining a sterile environment within manufacturing areas, especially in the pharmaceutical industry.
    - An understanding of the intricacies of the equipment involved in providing a clean environment by being able to discuss the various filters involved in HVAC systems.
    - HVAC systems standards and how they maintain a sterile environment not only within the manufacturing area but also in the products themselves.
    - Be aware of simple factors which can have a dramatic effect on the quality of the work environment and the product that is being handled within it and measures taken to eliminate the risk of these incidents.
    - Design and functionality of Cleanrooms; how critical the operations and maintenance of facilities, HVAC systems and Cleanroom behavior are to the pharmaceutical industry.

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    € 100

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